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 Rules of The New NIMH Lodge

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PostSubject: Rules of The New NIMH Lodge   Rules of The New NIMH Lodge EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 6:35 pm

Hello and thank you for reading the rules of this forum. If this is your first time here, please take your time and read through the list. Be sure to check back on this topic often as more rules may be added in the future. These rules are effective as of March 17, 2012, and the latest revision is #5 as of October 5, 2014. Remember: Just because a specific rule isn't listed here doesn't mean you can still be banned.

Rule 1 ) Pornographic, gore and other shock imagery or rather suggestive material is not allowed. No exceptions. Not only does it violate the rules on this forum, it also violates the forum hosting provider's general rules as well and can force this forum to be shut down.

Rule 2 ) Slandering, defaming and disrespecting staff or any forum member through e-mail, private messaging or posts is not allowed. If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.
-2.1 )  Releasing private contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and other personal information to the public is not allowed and will incite a ban.

Rule 3 ) Please do not abuse the 'Report Post' or Rules of The New NIMH Lodge Icon_report button. Only report posts that violate the rules of this forum, or if you believe the offending user is violating this board in another way. The staff can see who reports who, and abusing the system can result in a restriction from using it.
-Note 1 )  The staff will NEVER disclose information regarding who reported who to prevent further conflict.

Rule 4 ) Racism and discrimination are not tolerated. This is not a forum of hate/racial purity/prejudice etc. You are likely to be banned on the spot and given a serious warning.

Rule 5 ) One-word posts or a single smiley is not considered a complete message, but it's recommended that you write more! This is not a punishable rule, but it can be if you spam them.

Rule 6 ) You are allowed to bump old topics! Be sure that your reply is on topic or if you have something to contribute that is relative to the subject matter. Replies that go off-topic may be deleted and the thread locked as a result.

Rule 7 ) Advertising of any kind in all forums is not allowed. Your 'Job/Hobbies', 'Location', and username should not contain any advertising at all. This includes using Adfly or other URL shrinkers that earns the publisher money; it may trick the viewer having to download malicious software in order to view the original link even though there is a choice to skip the advert.

Rule 8 ) Please refrain from discussing or preaching religion on this board. This is a very controversial topic and when people of different beliefs argue with one another, things can get quite ugly.

Rule 9 ) Attachments can contain documents, pictures, sounds, short video clips and folders.
-9.1 ) See rule 1 of what is not allowed to be uploaded.
-9.2 ) Do not upload pirated content.
-9.3 ) Be careful of what you upload! Uploading content infected with malware, computer viruses, and any other unwanted content that will modify or make unwanted changes to another user's computer will earn you a ban and your attachment will be removed. Scan your files first before uploading anything!
-9.4 ) Be sure to remove any attachment that is 'outdated.' Example: You upload the first version of a drawing, then you upload it's next stage. You can delete the first version to free up space!

If you wish to contest a ban or a warning you have received from a staff member other than myself, please email me:

Or, if you have any questions, comments, or require further explanation about these rules, you can post in this thread or email me as well!

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Rules of The New NIMH Lodge
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