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 Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org

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Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org Empty
PostSubject: Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org   Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org EmptyMon Jun 25, 2012 6:53 pm

Note: I am in the process of updating this post. You can post in this thread if you would like to, but be sure to check back on this thread for updates! If there is a NIMH website you know of and would like me to search for it, please post the name and a site address of it (if possible) in this thread. If you have any ADDITIONAL information on NIMH sites you have been on in the past, please share it!

I've been having a 'NIMH-trip' this last week and have been browsing NIMH sites that have been down for as many as ten years. I've been searching for answers as to why other NIMH sites have shut down and looking for any valid emails from the original site creators. I do remember emailing and receiving a reply from the original creator of Maximum NIMH, "Bad Bird" J.C. Foster, shortly before his site ceased to exist, so I'm positive his email is still the same and works. I'll try and contact him again some day to see how he's doing.

Unfortunately, a great portion of older NIMH Sites were hosted by Xoom sites implemented a robots.txt file in hosted websites to keep web crawlers such as from gathering website information. However, I am rather fortunate to have found other sites that were captured by's web crawler. I have taken notes of my findings using, and here's what I can share with all of you:

Computolio's NIMH Site:
Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org The_logoLogo created by Michael Mark Maquilian.
Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org Compubanner
Date of Creation: July 1997.
Date of Shutdown: Late 2002?
Last known Update: July 25, 2001
Site Sections: Rumors, Fan Art, NIMH Articles, Fan Fiction, The Truly Miscellaneous, MST3K Corner.

  • The miscellaneous section contained other material written up by contributors via email or Computolio himself. Material included What Do You Call A NIMH Fan?, The Top Ten Signs You Might Be A NIMHfanManiac, An Anonymous Review Of NIMH, NIMH Haiku Poems, and Computolio's review of the NIMH sequel and Titan A.E.
  • The official site logo made by Michael was made the official logo of the site on January 1, 2001 after a logo contest ended. His submission was the only one that was entered.
  • His last website update message was "Well, this is it. It's been great, everyone! After almost four years, I've decided to move on. This page will no longer receive any updates."

Site owner of The Secret of NIMH Fandom Website and the administrator of the new NIMH Lodge Forums.
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Discovering and Rediscovering Old NIMH Sites With Archive.Org
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